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CategoryJoep van Lieshout (Fine Art, 1985) interviewed on his days at the Rotterdam academy

Joep van Lieshout, key figure in Rotterdam’s Atelier van Lieshout and topranking Dutch artist with an international reputation, is an alumnus of WdKA – in 1985 he graduated from the Fine Art Department of the Rotterdam academy. He had arrived there at a very early age, he recently told in an interview in Dutch daily Volkskrant Magazine:
‘You went to the art academy at a very early age.’
“As a 16 year old [that was 1980 – gv] I was the youngest of all. The admissions committee quite liked it, a crazy headstrong bird like me. All of classmates were in their twenties, they had served in the military or had come from a different study. I was different from them, I didn’t care much about was fashionable in art at that moment, nor about what other people thought. Maybe that was caused by my father’s death: standing on my own feet I drew my own plan at the academy, while still being a mere lad.”
‘You immediately applied for a VAT registration, and one year later you employed interns.’
“Now you’re exaggerating, I had those interns only after I’d left the academy.”

from: Bor Beekman. “Ik vind polygamie gewoon leuker” (“To me, polygamy is just more fun”) [interview with Joep van Lieshout. PhotografY: Stephan Vanfleteren]. in: Volkskrant Magazine 9 (2007) # 355, February 3, 2007, pp 8-12



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